30-31 January 2012

“Greening the Economy in Germany and Hungary - Business Exchange on Practical Experiences and Policy Frameworks”


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EU Member States are facing the most severe financial and economic crisis in recent decades. With soaring energy prices, an often outdated energy infrastructure and ever increasing global greenhouse gas emission, Europe faces other significant problems. These challenges are intertwined in many ways.

The aim of the conference is to discuss how countries can address these challenges in a manner that is mutually reinforcing. The conference will focus on practical business experiences and the implications of relevant EU policy frameworks. Businesses will present concrete, applied solutions to the challenges of greening their operations as well as discuss the actions needed from governments in order to bring about a low-carbon transition.

The conference will bring together between 70 and 100 participants from politics, business, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and think tanks in Hungary, Germany, and other EU countries. Speakers will include experts representing model business cases and a wide range of institutions from Hungary, Germany and the European level.

The conference will be held in English and Hungarian, interpretation in both languages will be provided. 


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The DUIHK is located on the 2nd District on the Buda side of the Danube, near the Moszkva tér (Moscow Square). From highway M1, M7 from Vienna, Győr and Székesfehérvár coming, please follow the directions for Margit híd (Margaret Bridge). The Lövőház utca is a one-way street, to arrive at the DUIHK you need  to enter the street from the direction of Marczibányi tér (square). Parking is available at the shopping center "mammoth", 300 meters from the DUIHK.

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Download Area:

Here you can download some presentations of the conference.

Day 1

Roland Kupers: A new Growth Path for Europe

Max Schön: Greening Hungary`s and Germany`s Economies

Peter Kaderjak: Opportunities and Challenges of a Green Economic Development Policy for Hungary

Mónika Tornóczky: Gazdaságzöldítés Magyarországon

Klaus Willnow: Clean Power for the World – A Manufacturer Perspective

Gyözö Vidor: Transition to a Green Economy: Building Sector

Dale Martin: Gazdaságzöldítés Németországban és Magyarországon

Jozsef Racz: Fütés kevesebb energiával

Káoly Eiles: Green facades, green solutions

Ada Ámon: Hatékonyabb lakások Makrogazdasági hatások

Day 2

Simon Marr: The German Climate Protection Policy

Agnes Kelemen: Using Structural and Cohesion Funds to achieve the 2020 energy & climate targets

Barbara Botos: Az EU költségvetési tárgyalásai: A kohéziós alap szerepe az energia- és klímapolitikai célok megvalósításában

Ernö Nagy: Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt energiahatékony felújítások

Damyana Stoynova: The EU‘s Climate and Energy Policies: Implications for the Economies and Budgets of Member  States

József Feiler: Innovatív pénzügyi mechanizmusok a dekarbonizáció elősegítésére, a kibocsátási kvóták árverési bevételeinek felhasználása

Neil Johnson: Implementing Climate Change Policy in the UK

Reiner Kneifel-Haverkamp: Cohesion policy funds for energy and climate policies Brandenburg perspective.pdf




BotosJózsef Feiler, Nagy, Istvan Bart                Neil Johnson, Simon Marr, Damyana Stoynova